Sierra Club Publishes 2012 Kentucky Outings and Action Guide


Ron Colwell, Outings Chair, Kentucky Sierra Club
Lane Boldman, Public Relations, Kentucky Sierra Club
Sherry Otto, Coordinator & Conservation Mgr., Kentucky Sierra Club

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 A Full Year of Kentucky Recreational Activities and Adventure
Sierra Club Publishes 2012 Kentucky Outings and Action Guide

Kentucky Sierra Club 2012 Outings & Action Guide - A Year's Worth of Outings & AdventuresKentucky — The Cumberland (Kentucky) Chapter of the Sierra Club has published a guide with a year’s worth of activities and events for outdoors enthusiasts of all kinds.

The Kentucky Outings and Action Guide contains over sixty activities including canoe trips, hikes, bike trips, wildflower walks and more. Beginners can learn outdoor skills from Backpacking classes, canoe clinics, outdoor ethics and more.  Each outing and activity is led by a Sierra Club volunteer who donates their time and unique personal knowledge of some of the best recreational areas in Kentucky.  Each outing is rated for degree of difficulty and skills required, and many are suitable for beginners.

The Kentucky Outings and Action Guide also includes information on how to become involved in environmental issues and rewarding programs such as Inner City Outings — an outreach program for inner city youth that connects children to the outdoors.

If you would like to explore the best of Kentucky’s outdoor adventures, you can Request a free hardcopy of the Kentucky Sierra Club Outings & Action Guide from the Cumberland Chapter Sierra Club by sending an email to:

You can also download the book free from the Kentucky Sierra Club website or check out our Outings calendar at

Download or print a copy of this press-release.

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